Stories for the Innocent Soul

Path Examinations has sponsored the production of the first edition of the book ‘Stories for the Innocent Soul’, written by María Cecilia Zunino.

In this collection of homely stories, the seasons and nature set the scene for new experiences. The book builds the atmosphere for an unforgettable journey with an exquisite combination of words and illustrations by the author. Stories for the Innocent Soul rediscovers beauty through the magic of appreciating the simple things in life.

The teacher’s resource booklet with audios and meditations is available for teachers. The aim is to bring teachers significant interdisciplinary resources to expand their own. This out of the box tool kit includes sensory and emotional education features that turn out to be essential for modern educators.

Bring innocence to your (virtual or in-person) classroom: imagine a lesson in which students become oblivious to the learning process.

Contact to get copies of the book for you and your students!

Download the Teacher's Resource Booklet for free! (PowerPoint format only)