Interviews with ELT professionals

Throughout 2020, Path Examinations staff in Latin America supported learners and teachers with free Instagram live interviews with highly respected local and international linguists. These were Lic. Fabiana Bovazzi, Lic. Cecilia Zunino, Dr. Jane Setter, Lic. Paula Ledesma, Prof. Ma. Elena Ballestrino, Dr. Ana María Martín Cuadrado, Accent Coach Luke Nicholson, Prof. Paola Castelli, Writer and Editor Ann Morgan, Dr. Paula Ortiz, Lic. Esther Vázquez, Accent Coaches Sarah Shepherd and Helen Ashton, Lic. Silvina Fernandes, Robin Walker, Mgter. Griselda Beacon and Dr. Geoff Lindsey. Special thanks to all of them!

You can watch the interviews on the Path Examinations Latin America YouTube channel: gJhC5WMuSkdUwo_VfVg