Covid-19 updates

COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in March 2020, causing huge impact on people's lives.

We faced significant challenges to which we needed to respond rapidly. We had to rethink the way we usually operate to adapt accordingly. Some changes were forced on us, while others represented the height of innovation in a crisis.

At Path Examinations, we committed ourselves, from day one, to bringing certainty to all our members and centres, ensuring exam sessions were going to take place on the announced dates.

We identified all possible scenarios and quickly decided to start building our Path platform Beyond™ to conduct exams remotely and securely. The 2020 online sessions proved to be a huge success!

For this new year, we want to reiterate our support to all our members and centres, and to stress that the health and safety of all our candidates, examiners and staff is our absolute priority.

Please contact for any questions related to this issue.

Check the World Health Organization (WHO) updates on the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.