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Meet Path

Path International Examinations

We are an international examination board based in the United Kingdom, which offers a brand-new alternative for examinations in English to speakers of other languages (ESOL).

General English exams are a fresh and contemporary option for learners since they are both the result of sustained research in the field of evaluation and a response to the demands of students, parents, teachers and administrators. In that sense, our examinations are a groundbreaking path towards a new horizon in language assessment.

Path International Examinations | UK-based

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Our principles

We are committed to seeing education as fundamental to the development of both individuals and societies. We make students from all backgrounds feel welcome, appropriately challenged, and supported.
Education is sharing, and we are open to what students, parents and teachers bring us, to their ideas and suggestions. This helps us improve our practices and constantly push for excellence.
Our Research and Design department embraces high standards of evaluation to accurately determine our candidates’ competency in English. It is our duty to upgrade the way language assessment is carried out.
The world has progressed, and introducing new and different methods to assess candidates creatively, innovatively and critically is at the heart of our organisation.

Our vision

We aim to provide every student and teacher with up-to-date and effective assessment in a world that increasingly demands better-designed education.

We are focused on being modern and progressive; innovation and the desire to go beyond what is already established drive the way we operate.

To continue achieving such sustainable quality growth, we are determined to deliver positive and human-centric service, making everyone feel welcome and valued.

Our mission

It is our mission to:

be a leading inclusive international organisation in the field of language assessment

develop and deliver highly communicative and contemporary examinations which assess students competency of English accurately

provide a reliable evaluation system which does not involve studying exam formats, but achieving the real level

promote among students and teachers the value and contributions of other languages and cultures to the community

support students and teachers from all backgrounds and improve their job and academic opportunities worldwide

make strategic decisions which ensure we are socially responsible and environmentally sustainable.

Our mission is what makes us stand out.

Recognition and validation

Path exams are recognised and validated by the following institutions, among others:

Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL)
worldwide recognition and validation
Consejo de Educación Secundaria (CES)
national recognition in Uruguay
Universidad del Salvador (USAL)
national recognition in Argentina
Universidad Católica de Cuyo (UCCuyo)
national recognition in Argentina
Instituto New Start
national recognition in Argentina
Other institutions recognising international exams aligned to the CEFR also recognise Path exams.

#ThinkForward strategy

We are very proud of our team and the way we work. Our strategy is based on a three-axis model of values and behaviours which are fundamental to us. It seeks to make the organisational culture of Path Examinations visible to guarantee that the proposed goals are achieved in coherence with our mission and vision.

We are our behaviours

We are a group and act as such


We are proactive and work hard to achieve good results. We get involved to motivate and add value without seeking attention. We seek what favours progress for Path Examinations and the team, which will contribute to the benefit and progress of each one of us. We identify and guide members and centres who are proactive, inclusive, influential and flexible to change. We seek to create a solid and lasting relationship. We respect their times.
We are committed to what we know we will be able to do correctly and professionally. We share all the knowledge and information relevant to the group as a whole, without rationing or being biased. We provide accurate information without omitting data. We are honest and open with our proposal. If there is something we do not know, we find it out.
We pay attention and work in an efficient, orderly and neat way. We collaborate without intruding. We work together, helping each other to achieve the common goal. We support each other as a group, internally and externally. We accompany and support every member and centre, as long as the subject is within our competence. We provide an excellent humane treatment.
We consult with our team before making a decision. We do not do anything that may create conflict with our role as collaborators. We communicate regularly with every collaborator to work on the proposed goals. We are professionals who generate empathy and motivation in members and centres. We listen and respond attentively, thinking about what to say and how.
We seek solutions and consensus in the event of a possible problem. We are open to give and receive suggestions. We are constantly learning. We respect each other and recognise the scope of others’ roles. We create and take care of the group bond at all levels. We create a community of work and respect towards the rest of the team, suppliers, members, centres, parents, students, and competitors, so that it is mutual.

Policies and procedures

Quality assurance policy
Equality, diversity and inclusion policy
Data protection and data security policy
Sustainable development and environmental policy
Recruitment and selection policy
Complaints policy and procedure